Binary Options Scams: JV Marketers and Social Media Scams

binary options scams

Binary Options Scams: JV Marketers and Social Media Scams Case Study

Hello traders, how you are doing with your binary options trading and Oscar J. is here to discuss with you about the JV Marketers and Social Media binary options scams. I think this is important to mark the scam JV Marketer and Social Media Scams of binary options scams. If we can identify them it will keep us safe from their scam activities.

Let’s do it.

Binary Options scams: JV Marketers Scams Case Study

There are many JV Marketers working on binary options. All of them not bad, but for sure all of them not good. We have to identify them for the sake of our safety. How we can avoid the scam JV Marketers we are going to know it here. It is not a difficult task, but you have to control your emotions here and let go the things after examining logically.

First of all, scammers try to bind you with your emotional materials like greed and fear of applying tactics. It’s a perfect trap to steal your money. You have to understand that what JV Marketers want from you. If they try to engage with you with emotional materials then you are dealing with a scammer. Once you identify them, avoid them to save your time and precious money.

Some scammers pretend to be a funny person and try to lure you to their service, system or reviews even people. If you trust them soon you are wondering of your $0 balance account. You will see many scam videos also. Do not deposit without checking and the scam will not work on you. When you watch a scam promotional video, remembers the video content because you will find many videos online similar like this.

binary options scams

These scammers intentionally support and promote the scammers to earn easy money. If you deposit without checking they will vanish overnight instead of making you a millionaire. If they try to force you to deposit, refuse directly and you will no longer see them. Some scammers may continue contacting you with a new name and new scam product.

There is nothing free in the binary options trading market. The sign-up process can be free but you have to deposit to start trading. So you see there is no free systems, services, robots or brokers. Limited time offer, can’t lose here, 100% guaranteed profit, quick money, fast money, deposit to your account etc. all these sentences are used by the scammers mostly, be aware and do not do anything stupid with a hurry mode.

A scam JV Marketer can have multiple sites which are hosted on the same web server. It can happen for good JV Markers too. But scammers websites are loads with luring stuff with low maintenance. They can’t maintain their websites well because they are always busy to post scam things. They keep posting new story lines masking the scams if their old scam exposed and complained.

Scammers do shadow marketing especially targeting the new trader who needs much to learn. Sometimes they keep jumping from one scam service to another scam service to make it difficult for you to identify them. So for new traders, my suggestion is that learn first how to trade binary options and how to choose a legit binary options broker or service by avoiding scams. Overall my recommendation is to find what a JV Marketer wanting from you, how scammers work and do not deposit without checking the service or platform.

Binary Options Scams: Social Media Scams Case Study

Social media is the perfect place for scammers to target people, convince them and make them agree to join their scam service. They choose this platform because honest JV Marketers also using social media. Scammers pretend to be the honest marketer to fraud you. They will contact you directly via chat or messages. Firstly they do not expose their purpose to you, make a conversion and gradually trying to promote their scam services. They are sweet talker because they have honey in their tongue.

If they figure out you are not going to engage with them then you are useless for them and un-friend you immediately. They are only after your money. So be careful who asking you to deposit their services immediately without giving you any valid documents and without allowing you check their platform or service. Do not lose your mind to see amazing opportunities and impressive profit amounts. If you fail that will empty your pocket in a second.

binary options scams

Scammers on social media also pretend as a trader. They make videos to show their trading service and profits what did the “FB Wealth Group” and “The Green Room”. This is their another tactics to engage you with their scam services. Sometimes they offer the opportunity to pay directly, never ever do that.

MLM system is another process of their scamming. Scammers lure you with the share of others people profit and that is not a legit thing. They are trained and experienced at this. They will say just about what you need to join with them, nothing else. It is true that some scammers have good knowledge about binary options trading and market, but most of them are not experienced in trading. Ask them questions about trading facts and ask to check their platform, they will flee at once.

You will find person interview describing you their service is legit, but believe me it is not. This tactic is also applied by the “FB Wealth Group” and “The Green Room”. Believing them can be the worst nightmare for the traders. As always I am suggesting you do not fall for amazing advertisements and offers. Learn first, identify who is a legit marketer and who is a scammer, check the platforms facts and T&C, and choose the best broker platform or service to be a successful binary options trader. Remember scam services or products always related with the unlicensed and unregulated binary options brokers.

Final Words

Okay guys, I think you might understand what I am trying to discuss with you in this article. If so, act like a smart person and save yourself from the scam JV Marketers and Social Media scammers. Follow the honest marketers and reviewers. If you have questions you can contact us via our Contact Us form, chat service, Facebook and Twitter page. Wish you all happy trading with Legit Binary Options Review.

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