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Code Fibo Review: Legit or Scam Software?

Binary option trading has become a very popular option for the present days’ traders. Day by day its familiarities are rising and more and more traders are relying upon it for its excellent feedback. It has become one of the most profitable sides of trading in the recent times. Even, the beginners can also be able to enjoy a good amount of profits apart from the professional ones. But, for enjoying such good amount, you must need to choose one of the best applications or software available for the purposes of binary option trading. There are multiple numbers of options available for the traders, and they might get perplexed to pick a fixed one among from them. So, we are going to present you the complete review of one of them, Code Fibo Application and Binary Software. If you are looking for one of the most reliable software for your trading purpose, then after going through this complete article you will get your desired solution.

At first let’s know about the basic info regarding this item

Software Name Code Fibo
Product Niche Binary Options
Minimum Deposit Amount $250
Winning Rate 90%
Signup Cost FREE
Product Type Binary Options Automated Trading Robot or Software
CEO Professor Matthew Lewis
Trading System Automated & Manual Both System Available
Brokers of Code Fibo Software Most Trusted and Famous Brokers of Binary Options Industry
Allowed Countries All Countries
Trusted Trading System Fully Trusted & Tested
Skill Need for Operating From Beginners to Experts

Code Fibo Review: What is Code Fibo?

At first make an attempt of using this software, you might need to know what CodeFibo is and what are the purposes of using this application? You will get your answer here. Like Maximus Profits binary options software what we reviewed in previous post Code Fibo is binary trading software used for online trading purposes. This software is mainly based upon the Fibonacci algorithm and constructed by Professor Matthew Lewis. The Fibonacci Arbitrage Strategy might be an unfamiliar term for you. It is actually a technical term that is based on the natural phenomenon. This software mainly works by combining this Fibonacci order and the Golden Ratio. This combination is one of the prime reasons behind the higher success ratio of this app and also the other reliability of its services. Code Fibo will surely be a great option for the online traders of all the levels to reach their financial goals within a short period of time.

code fibo

Now we will learn some – 

Basic features of Code Fibo

  1. Use of Fibonacci algorithm: You might still wonder what Fibonacci numbers are and how they control the trading strategies to ensure better success rate. Fibonacci algorithm has greater influences in the financial markets. You need to make factorization of these numbers to equation, and thus you can get a clear indication between the different parameters of the trading policies, like currency pair, price points, duration, etc. This application has wide ranged use in both the Forex trading and the binary option trading as well. By establishing this Fibonacci Arbitrage Strategy one can get a handsome amount of profits of around $500 to $1000 in a regular basis.
  2. Winning rate of 90%: The best thing of Code Fibo is its winning ratio, and it is the main reason why this item is one of the most reliable ones in the midst of so many other options. There are mainly three different factors for analyzing the success ratio, and they are price point, duration and direction. Code Fibo analyses these different factors and then start to analyze the sentiments of the traders. For this intense analysis, this software is able to provide a strong probability of winning the trades.
  3. Free usage policy: You will get an easy signing up process, if you would be the newest user to use this application software. At first, you need to sign up and you will get an opportunity to be the free member for up to 90 days. If you can manage yourself within this time period and decide to stick with Code Fibo, then you will need to pay around $600 to $750 per month. Though, this amount might be considered a big amount right now, but you will enjoy the handsome amount of profit within a very short period time and also in a regular basis. Then you will get the point of investing such an amount completely legit.

4. Completely auto trading software: A very common feature all the traders wish to have from the online binary trading software is its autopilot feature, so that he can enjoy the profits even when he is not working or busy with other works. Code Fibo is legit software in this particular field. It works on behalf of the trader and analyze the market policies and other parameters. There is an autopilot button to press on in this app. When you will press that button, Code Fibo system will trade on behalf of you. You just need to ensure one thing and it is that you have balance on your account to make the trades. Thus, Code Fibo system will ensure you the same amount of profits as you would be able to make in your manual trading process. You will watch your account grow faster day by day, and it’s the only thing you wish to have for. Code Fibo will guarantee you the safest possible way of incoming.

5. User friendly software: Another useful feature of this trading software is its user friendliness. The activities and the working procedures of this software are completely straight. So, the users won’t get out of their wits while working with this software in their trading processes. This feature is another reason why Code Fibo will be smarter choice for all the types of users regardless the beginners, professionals, and also the other ones.

code fibo

Now we will discuss all the advantages of this software that have made this system a legit and reliable one:

Advantages of Code Fibo

  • Easy to set up within minutes.
  • Daily chances of winning trades.
  • Completely automated system.
  • Easy to operate with the beginners.
  • No experiences will be required to win the profits.
  • Smart amount of winning ratio of around 85%.
  • Both suitable for any devices like computer and mobile.
  • Easy trading strategies.
  • Autopilot features in signal trading.
  • Completely free for use up to 90 days.
  • Small amount of deposit required of only $250.
  • Easy to access he system and run for the further benefits.
  • Reliable system to ensure earning a good amount of profits and winning the trades.

Now you might have a common question whether it is fake or legit. Here you will get the answer:

Is Code Fibo a scam?

Okay, I have personally tested this system with the free review copy provided by the system key man Prof. Lewis. It is true that there are no fake promises given to you that you will be able to earn millions of dollars overnight. But I can completely assure you after my testing is that this system has all the features to rely on. There is no fake testimonial given by their system to make the offer alluring for you. Mr. Lewis also makes his statement clear on this very topic. Code Fibo team is trying to provide you some honest services. It is not like that you have no possibilities of losing your money while investing with this software, but the risk is really minimal. So, you can surely trust on this system and go for your trading.

How much money can be earned using Code Fibo software?

Okay, the earning of profits actually depends upon some issues and factors like the amount of deposit in your account, the trading amount, the ITM rate, etc. Code Fibo system claims to get the winning percentage of 95% by their users while using this software. But when I have tested the system, I have got the average rate is around 80-88%, no doubt which is also a good ratio. But one thing you should keep in your mind always and that is the minimum trading amount of this system is $25, and you won’t be able to place any amount below this range.

If you are interested after so many words, you might be thinking how to join in this system. No worries, we are also giving you guidelines in this issue as well.

code fibo

How to join and how will be the pricing?

If you want to join and earn some real cash, then don’t waste any single time. At first you need to go to the official website of Code Fibo software and it is In the homepage of their official website, you will get an option stated “Register and Access today”. In that place you need to give your name and your valid email address. Then you need to click the “Apply Now” button. Then you will be redirected to another new web page and there you need to provide some additional basic info like your last name, your contact number, password for security concerns, etc. After filing up all the boxes of info, you need to click on the instant access button, and thus you will complete the signing up process. At the last stage of this joining procedure, you need to make an initial deposit of $25, and thus you will be signed up.

Don’t waste your time, get yourself signed up and earn the real cash right now.

Final Verdict

The final verdict regarding Code Fibo software is that it is completely reliable, and a risk free software to use. You don’t need to make any worry about its being scam. This one will be a real helpful for all of your purposes.


  • Trust Score
  • Winning Rate
  • Popularity
  • Easy to Use Score


Code Fibo software is that it is completely reliable, and a risk free software to use


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