Daweda Exchange Review

Daweda Exchange ATS is now available as the CTiEX

Daweda Exchange

Daweda Exchange or Daweda Exchange ATS is an extremely powerful automated binary options trading software which is regulated by the EU binary options trading authority and by the CySEC.

Are you searching for a detail Daweda Exchange Review? Your searching is over because I Gary Wilson is here with the Daweda Exchange Review and in this review, you will find the information about Daweda Exchange login, How Daweda Exchange works? How to join Daweda Exchange, And my recommendation.

What will you find in this review?
● Daweda Exchange Details
● Daweda Exchange Review
● Daweda Exchange Features
● Daweda Exchange Pros
● Daweda Exchange Cons
● Is Daweda Exchange Scam?
● Daweda Exchange Conclusion with recommendation

daweda exchange

Take a look to the:

Daweda Exchange Details

Software Name Daweda Exchange or Daweda Exchange ATS
Product Niche Binary Options
Minimum Deposit Amount $100
Payout Rate 100%
Signup Cost FREE
Owner Daweda Exchange Limited
License & Regulation EU Trading Authority, CySEC & MiFID
Product Type Binary Options Automated Trading Platform and Robot or Software
Trading System Automated & Manual Both System Available
Brokers of Daweda Exchange No Brokers are Related
Allowed Countries All Countries
Trusted Trading System Fully Trusted & Tested
Skill Need for Operating From Beginners to Experts

Now, explore with me the main part:

Daweda Exchange Review

Daweda Exchange Autotrader doesn’t manipulate the trader and like the scam systems, they do not keep your trading profit. That is the most important thing I think you should know because this activity makes this system legit. Without any interference, you can do your trading and also without any qualms you can withdraw your profits.

You should note that:

This software runs a peer to peer platform for trading and here different traders with different views can be matched. So it is very much possible that winner can take trading profits. This trading system platform doesn’t act as the counterpart of your trade.


They changed a small amount of fee for placing trades and that is their earning source. That is the reason the firm can give you 100% winning payout of your trades. They also not charging on spreads. I think you get the point.

Besides this:

This automated binary options software offers various features which are able to make your trading lot easier and fruitful.


This binary options trading system is regulated and licensed by the CySEC (Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission) and EU binary options trading authority. This trading platform also follows the MiFID guideline. All these licenses and regulations are the proofs of this software’s legitimacy.

daweda exchange

I am going to discuss with you some of the main features here:

Daweda Exchange Features

(A) Wide Range of Assets

The trading software platform is providing a wide range of currency pairs for trading which includes EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY, AUD/USD and many more major currency pairs. You will find gold and oil for commodity trading and for stocks you will find the major stocks like Barclays, NASDAQ, HSBC, FTSE100 and more.

(B) Wide Range of Expiry Times and Great Payouts

The expiry time is very important in binary options trading and here in this automated trading system you will find the expiry times of 30 seconds, 60 seconds, 5,10,15,30 minutes, an hour and even longer time period.

The payout is 100% because they are not cutting any charge from your profit. As the example, if you invest $100 and after trading, if you win, you will get $200.

(C) Daweda Exchange’s Free Demo Account

You know that it is rare that an automated binary options trading software system give free demo account and that rare demo account is provided by this trading system with $500 virtual money. So that you can practice binary options trading as well as can familiar with this trading system.

(D) Automated Trading System (Daweda Exchange ATS)

This trading platform has the full automated trading function which is known as the Daweda Exchange ATS. You need to invest minimum $250 in using this robot.


daweda exchange

(E) Hedging is Available (Full and Partial)

Full and partial hedging is available on this trading platform as well as in the ATS. Basically, against the losing trades, a counter position is opened by the hedging. The benefits of full hedging are that at the end of the day you will not lose any money though you will not get any extra money.

On the other hand:

In the partial hedging, you will lose half of your invest instead of losing all the invested money.

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You should be amazed by the above features. Aren’t you? Let’s know the advantages of this system:

Daweda Exchange Pros

(A) Trades Fair

This platform with automated trading robot always trades fair and doesn’t manipulate your trades. No brokers are related with this system, you can trade against only the other real traders. So act smartly to make more profits.

(B) Daweda Exchange ATS Transparent Trading Platform

The Order Book of this trading software platform gives the transparency of trading. By this facility, you can see the activity of other traders so that you can make your move. This Order Book also provide pre-trade data for the analysis.

(C) Set Your Own Price Level

In Daweda Exchange Order Book you can set your own price level. Isn’t that amazing? It gives the traders total freedom over their activity.

daweda exchange

(D) Affordable

For buying or selling assets you have to pay a small fee which is pretty much affordable and they are not charging for any other things, no settlement fees, and no swaps.

(E) Other Advantages
● 24/7 trading
● 100% payout on your trades
● Safe environment and trader friendly trading platform
● Easy Sign up process

Believe me, it is very hard to find out its disadvantages.

Daweda Exchange Cons

● You must need a good internet connection with proper devices like PC, Laptops and Smart Phones
● No broker is related with this automated trading software platform, it may consider as a disadvantage for few traders

daweda exchange

Now, let me discuss the burning question:

Is Daweda Exchange a Scam?

In one sentence, there is no chance to say Daweda Exchange system a scam. Though they are not a broker, they are regulated and licensed by the CySEC and EU trading authority, also follow the guideline of MiFID. This software is proven as legit and helping the traders to make a profit with binary options as well as with currency pairs trading. This software system platform comes with a new concept which has lots of features. Don’t feel confused to join before it’s too late.

Final Verdict: Daweda Exchange is not a Scam!

Friends here is few last words for you:

Daweda Exchange Review Conclusion

Friends, I think you now know well than before about this system. Before finishing this review I want to say you that, this trading system is unique and will suit every type of traders. No charges on your profits so if you win you can get 100% payout. This platform is scam free, transparent, 100% trusted, licensed and regulated.


They also have a customer support which is effective and efficient. Regarding your issues, through email and fax, you can contact them.

The bottom line is:

Daweda Exchange is legit and perfect for your trading. Sign up now without wasting a single moment. Hope you all the best with your trading and thanks for exploring with me throughout this review.

Daweda Exchange Review
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100% Trusted and unique automated trading software platform.


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