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IQ Option Trading Platform Review is the last part of our series IQ Option Review. Legit Binary Options Review tested IQ Option binary options broker for you and step by step we published our results. Hope you explore our previous reviews considering the IQ Option. In this IQ Option Trading Platform Review we are going to discuss IQ Option Trading Platform, IQ Option Assets, Placing Trades in IQ Option, IQ Option Auto trader,  IQ Option and USA Traders, IQ Option Tournaments and IQ Option Tournament Strategies. There is no alternative to knowing a broker’s trading platform well for the successful trading. So if you want to be a successful binary options trader with the IQ Option trading platform then you must have to know about the trading platform of this broker. For this purpose to help you to know about IQ Option trading platform here is our detail review, explore, read, learn, apply and be successful.

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IQ Option Trading Platform

IQ Option is always an innovative broker and with this type of innovative power for the uncountable traders from all over the world, they build a very effective platform which is understandable to the trader and not difficult to use. In this sector IQ Option is exceptionally good and what we have seen in the market among them IQ Option’s trading platform is one of the best.

All the features are arranged in a systematic way and the navigation system is also easy. Among the many unique features of IQ Option trading platform, the custom layout and zoom feature are the eye catching. This platform is such kind of platform what is able to assist all types of traders.

Maximum big and famous brokers of this market which includes the GOptions and Banc de Binary uses the SpotOption platform for their trading business but the platform of IQ Option was built their own team. It’s so much fun and easier to trade with the live graph feature which is super responsive.

In IQ Option it is impossible to place a wrong trade which is caused mainly by the inadvertent setting in most of the competitor’s sites. IQ Option trading platform contains several features and all are unique. All these unique features were developed to make this platform easy to use and keep it simple for the traders.

By one of our new team member we test this platform in order to see the result of new traders. Our new team member has no experience in trading binary options, a newbie. For learning trading from IQ Option we gave our member 20 minutes and after that we came back to see what he learned.

He told us that this system is very efficient and now he is able to start a trade. After this 20 minutes, he was quite familiar with all the major features of this platform. After this, he told us, in investing he was not interested at all, but now he wants to start learning and trading with IQ Option broker. So we can say with confidence that it is difficult to find out an easier and effective platform than IQ Option.

iq option trading platform

The following unique features are in the IQ Option platform

  • Real-time movements of asset price: Through a chart of real time the desired assets price changes can be followed by the traders easily.
  • Panel for technical analysis: On the panel of technical analysis traders will find many tools for analysis. You will find more details about analysis in the later part of this review.
  • A chance to use various charts: Traders can use the Candlestick Charts with the mostly used Tick Charts.
  • Indicator for traders choice: In an unique feature, traders will see the most popular “Put or Call” investments or the alternative investments.
  • Top trader’s stats and best deals: You can quickly and easily see how much the best investors earned and how; so you can follow their example.
  • Best deals for traders and top stats of traders: You can monitor the top trader’s earnings and also can monitor how they do that, and this will help the traders to become a successful investor.
  • Based on the technical analysis predictions of future movement of assets price: How the charts interpret into investors trades, investors do not have to know this, because there is the chance to use the predictions of expert traders.
  • Financial news of relevant market: Trader does not have to explore several sites to know the market news and condition because IQ Option platform provides this market’s news for the traders.

What are the trading assets?

Assets for Trading

IQ Option is the right place for the traders who want to trade with lots of trading assets available in the market. More than 100 types of trading assets are offered by this broker which includes several popular stocks like Apple, Google, and Wal-Mart. A trader has the opportunity here to choose what they want to trade the currency pairs, stocks, commodities, and indices. There are so many trading assets in this broker and for this reason, traders are able to find out the right one for them to trade, and consistently with this platform can place their trades.

Currently IQ Option has more than 100 types of different assets for trading which includes:

  • Stocks: Up to 50 major companies like Apple, Google, Wal-Mart Daimler, Gazprom, Rosneft, and Barclays shares.
  • Indices: Most popular indices in the market which includes Dow Jones, FTSE 100, Nikkei-225, S&P 500, DAX and CAC 40.
  • Commodities: Gold & Silver.
  • Currency Pairs: Most common currency pairs which include GBP/USD, EUR/JPY, AUD/CAD, USD/CHF, EUR/USD and much more.
  • Bitcoins: Bitcoin trading is also available in IQ Option among the few brokers who provide this service.

How to place trades in IQ Option?

Placing Trades in IQ Option

Trading with IQ Option platform is very easy because this platform is user-friendly. Traders can make trades with their suitable investment amount whatever they like because this broker offers a minimum investment of $1 and a maximum investment of $1000 which gives the traders a wide range for investing amount and also gives the traders freedom to take the risk what they are willing to take.

For trading with IQ Option traders need to sign in on the IQ Options website and then access to the page for trading. From this page, traders have to choose the options type what they want to trade, choose the asset for trading and have to invest the deposit amount. All these works can be done with few clicks of the mouse, it’s that simple to place a trade and trade with IQ Option broker. We think traders should change their hardly maintained broker platform and pick IQ Option for their options trading.

Is IQ Option has any auto trader? 

IQ Option and Auto Trader

If you want to execute the binary options by using the auto trader there are many options available in the market. You should consider IQ Option auto trader robot first because it’s very powerful and gives the accurate trading signals. If you want to place your trade with an auto trader which has great reputation then you must go through the IQ Option auto trader.

Important Notice: Due to the technical imbalance IQ Option shut down their Auto Trader project which is known as IQ Option Robots Project from 17 January, 2017. If any further update come regarding this issue we will let you know.

iq option trading platform

 Is IQ Option accepts USA traders?

IQ Option and USA Traders

IQ Option is not accepting traders from the USA right now. This is a misfortune for the US trader because IQ Option is one of the top brokers in the binary options industry. US traders also have very few broker to trade with than the other traders of other countries. US trader lost their trading opportunity more after they pulled out the SpotOption from the USA market.

Although still now some automated binary options trading software and robot service providers accept traders from the USA.

Now know about the IQ Option tournaments:

Binary Options Trading Tournaments of IQ Option

We mentioned a lot of times in this review that IQ Option offering huge features with their most innovative platform and binary options trading tournament is one of their best offerings to the traders. This offer is a unique opportunity for the traders to earn extra cash and also make the competition among the traders to be the best trader. Traders can make a huge amount of money from these tournaments, seriously it’s not fun.

To take part in the IQ Option tournament you have to pay an entry fee, and the duration of these tournaments are about 30 minutes, so you don’t need much time to take part. You will get a virtual amount of $10000 for the tournament after paying the entry fee. Then your only task is placing your trades. A participant who earns the highest amount of virtual amount in this tournament will get the prize to be the topper. This prize varies sometimes depending on the tournament participants number but other prizes are fixed.

The rules also can vary for specific tournaments. Some tournament gives you the chance of buyback if you lose all the virtual money and this will cost you the same amount of entry fee. After that, you will get again $10000 virtual money to start participating again in the tournament.

For the traders, these tournaments bring them twists and excitements. You should participate in these tournaments if you still don’t do it. From this tournament, you can earn a good amount. Sometimes it can be 100 times more from your entry fee. For 30 minutes this prize amount is huge with the small investment.

iq option trading platform

What should you do to win a tournament?

Tournament Success Strategies

IQ Option’s tournaments are exciting with great fun, but this is a competition, you should remember that and you have to win for grabbing real cash as a prize. Many traders take part in these tournaments, so you have to take part in this tournament with a strong strategy. If you go with a well set up strategy the possibility of your win will be higher. Here we discuss few fact what you should remember well for the tournaments.

  • Always trade for win – Maximum tournaments have the prizes though sometimes they depend on the leaderboard and on the number of the participants. You should be positive to win a prize. Sometimes this strategy can limit your potential. But if you can’t get the topper prize trade positively for getting the runner-up prize, never give up and you have to try to win always even when you see yourself in the second position.
  • Take your initial time – When the trading tournament starts don’t start trading with a hurry if you do so it will be the blind trading for you. You should observe other traders for few minutes and see how they doing their trading. As the example, monitor traders that are they trading cautiously or aggressively? But you should not take too much time for that because other traders can take the lead then but the observation is a good thing which will help you to win this tournament by giving you valuable trading information.
  • As the tournament progresses you should adapt your trading strategy – You should have a good idea about the tournament participants and their trading strategy in the mid-point of the tournament. And in the leader board where you stay, you should also know that. This is the perfect time to apply your strategies to give it a boost of your position on the leaderboard. As the example, if you see the lead participant using the cautious strategy then you should go with an aggressive strategy to make a clear difference between them and you. If you are the topper in the leaderboard then you should continue your work and do not take any risks which are unnecessary. If you are not in the top position then you should apply your strategies to minimize the distance from the toppers so that you can do a finishing push to win this completion in the last moment.

  • If you are not winning until the end goes for win – You should not lose your hope though you are not in the top of the leader board and had a bad tournament. There is always chances if you have still available the virtual balance for the tournament. This is the time to take a high risk by throwing the caution to receive high rewards. You are losing the tournament anyway, so don’t hesitate and you should go for the win till you have virtual balance.
  • Analyze your strategy – After the end of the tournament, you should analyze your strategy to improve them for the next tournament whatever you lose or win this tournament. You can apply this improved strategy for the next tournament you apply.

The conclusion of this review:

Final Verdicts

We are finishing our IQ Option Review by this IQ Option Trading Platform Review. Of course, we will update our reviews if IQ Option updates their features and if they add or delete some of their features. Bookmark us and check for the updates. By the by considering all the reviews of IQ Option and based on our test result we can say that IQ Option binary options broker is a legit broker, totally scam free and 100% reliable. We recommended IQ Option broker for you. You can join this broker platform without any hesitation. There is no doubt that if you learn binary options trading properly and know how to properly use this broker platform surely you will be a gainer not looser. We are always here to help you. If you have any kind of queries regarding this broker feel free to contact us or you can contact this broker’s customer service.

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