Risk and Disclosure Policy

Before visiting Legitbinaryreview.com and making yourselves connected with any kind of online trading, make sure that you have read each and every line cautiously of the following article. You will be able to come to know about the details regarding the risk and disclosure policy which is a sensitive issue before going for any trading option.

Important Risk Note: You can earn a very smart amount of profit by trading with the binary options. But at the same time, it is also true that this binary trading option also has some serious threats of losing your money. The fund loss might be partial or full one, and specially this one is a common phenomenon for the investors who are going for the option as their primary trading purposes. So the initial investors should consider these risk policies very seriously. You are requested to read all the policies, terms and other conditions before making any single investment for any trade. You are also suggested to go through the disclaimer page of our site so that you can be able to learn all the terms very clearly. You also need to make yourselves aware of the tax liability issues over your individual capital gain as per your country law and policy. All these things are termed as important risk issues for ensuring a successful and also a profitable trading option for the customers without any kind of future hassle.

USA Regulation Notice: Another problem you might face regarding trading with binary option is the regulation notice of the USA government as according to the USA law and policy, companies related to binary options trading are not regulated within the border of the United States of America. Even, there is no policy according to the state’s law of the supervision, affiliation, or connection of such companies with any of the other regulatory agencies. Agencies like the National Futures Association (NFA), Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), or the Exchange Commission (SEC) etc. are not the legal authorization of regulating the binary options trading companies.

Risk Disclosure: You might get the profit as well as face the loss while trading with the binary options, but the authority of Legitbinaryreview.com will not be responsible for any kind of your loss or other damages while you are trading depending on the information provided in this software for your trading purposes. Different information like the price quotes or charts, educational materials, further analysis etc. are provided on this site. You should completely trust upon the info provided on the site at your own risk. We advise you to be aware of all the risks involved with the trading and never put a big amount of money at something which might be riskier in your opinion. You should always keep the thing in your mind is that the risks of losing your money by investing in binary options trading are always higher and thus, for this very specific reason, this option might not be a suitable one for all kind of investor like the initial ones. Legitbinaryreview.com will not be liable for any of your trading losses you might be faced while investing in this sector, even if it would result in for depending upon the data provided on their site. All the relevant data and quotes provided on the site are not provided by any secure exchanges. They are actually provided by the market makers. So, you might get the things different while facing it by your own experiences. For example, the prices provided on the site by the exchangers might not be the same as provided by the real-time traders. The prices supplied in this site are provided as an instructive model rather than any kind of safe and secure real-time trading purpose.

FTC Affiliate Disclosure: Another thing about Legitbinaryreview.com you should always keep in your mind that it is a professional review site and they will get the compensation from all the professional companies of whose products they are going to review.  We run the testing of all the products provided by the companies but only the best products are given the highest marks by us. The testing of the products completely depends on upon our opinions and favors. We are completely independent and our opinions are also given as our own. Your choices and preferences might get varied from our ones.