Recommended Binary Signals

recommended binary signal software

What are the Binary Options Signals?

What are the binary options signals? You should know that before start trading binary options. Binary Options signals definition is, to start a new trade an SMS alert or an email which contains the instruction of how to enter a trade is called the signal. As soon as the market of the asset’s closed the signals expires for that specific day and after the expires of the signals the final price level of the asset’s announced in the market.

After an hour short-term signals expires and some signal providers service offers signals for 60 seconds, 5 minutes and 30 minutes and in that type of signals, for the traders to avoid the manual actions they use the technology of auto trading instead of sending signals via email or SMS. This type of trading service is known as the auto trading robot or automated trading or as the auto trader.

How to get Binary Options Signals for free?

Maximus signal providing service in the market are paid but there is few service who provides free trial signal service for the traders. In maximum cases like that for a free trial, there is no need to register or provide any payment details. They provide this trial service because before joining as a full paid member of the services, they allow the traders to test their signal service.

There is only a simple requirement and that is the service provider wants the trader’s signup through a referral link of a broker which is provided in the signal service provider’s site. You should remember that you have to open a new trading account with the brokers to get the free binary options signals without any disturbance.

For the newbies who are not registered with any broker or for the traders who want to change his/her old broker, this type of free trial service is great. This is also great if the traders want to test a new binary options signal service or application.

Our recommended list of Binary Options Signals providers

MS Management Software

MS Management Software earned this place in this list with its effectiveness which amazed us. You may never see an automated trading software like MS Management Software. It’s working pretty much good with a lot of tools and features. The most interesting thing is that this software is able to analyze binary options, forex, commodities, indices, and the stock market. So you can trade anything of the above trading forms by this automated trading software. Its interface is user-friendly and most importantly it’s performance is almost continuous.

Mr. Christopher Fernard is the CEO of MS Management Software and the trading win rate is about 85%. Trusted brokers are involved with this software. MS Management Software is a semi-automated and fully automated trading system which can be operated manually too. Visit the MS Management Software Review for more important and necessary details.

Vena System

We choose Vena System for our recommended binary options signals list and it’s a tricky choice. Because some reviews promote Vena System as a scam software. Actually, those promoters are scammers we think. Because if you search carefully you will find out that many major reviewers describe Vena System as a legit binary options trading system. Like the United Trading Network, this software the Vena System is also developed by a group and Marc Vena is the team manager.

Its win rate is around 89% and you already know that it is very high win rate. This is a semi-automated and fully automated binary options trading robot. You will find areawise trusted brokers here. But this software is only available for the traders of Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa, and the United Kingdom. Read Vena System Review to know most of the thing about this trading service.

United Trading Network

In the today’s binary options market United Trading Network is one of the top talks of this industry. Unlike our other recommended binary options signal software this United Trading Network is also an efficient and legit AutoTrader. This software was developed by a group of trading science students and trading professionals. Adam Fletcher is the Developer Team Manager.

The win rate of this trading software is around 85% which is considerably good. It is a semi-automated and fully automated trading system. But the catch is United Trading Network is accepting traders only from the Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa, and the United Kingdom. Explore Legit Binary Options Review’s United Trading Network Review for most of the details.

Nuvo Finance

Nuvo Finance becomes a blessing for the traders of binary options. This is one of the legit binary options trading robot among the few legit ones. For this reason, Nuvo Finance gets a place in our recommended binary options auto trader list. Piter Millen is the  CEO of Nuvo Finance. The good news is in our test is shows the winning rate of 89% which is pretty impressive.

Sign Up Cost is free as always but this software is not allowing all countries, only a few countries traders they are allowing and these countries are – United Kingdom, New Zealand, Canada, Australia, South Africa and Ireland. You should visit our Nuvo Finance Review for all the detail information about this legit binary options software.

nuvo finance

Daweda Exchange

Daweda Exchange or Daweda Exchange ATS is an unique binary options AutoTrader which is developed with a new concept. There is no broker related in this auto trader and traders can trade with other real traders at the same time from all around the world. So Daweda Exchange auto trading software gives the traders an opportunity to trade with expert traders and learn from them.

Moreover, Daweda Exchange is not charging anything from your profit but you have to pay a small amount as the trading fee. For that reason, Daweda Exchange is able to give you 100% payout. Daweda Exchange Limited is the owner of this auto trader and Daweda Exchange is licensed by the CySEC as well as EU trading authority. Visit Daweda Exchange Review before start trading with this legit auto trader.

daweda exchange

Trader Profit

Trader Profit, an auto trading software with automated and manual feature like the other legit binary options trading legit software in our Recommended Binary Signals list. Although Trader Profit is different from the other trading software because by the Trader Profit AutoTrader you can trade both binary options and forex which is a unique feature.

The trade win rate is also high and that is 89%, no signup cost or any download cost, no hidden fees, fully trusted software and tested by us. Trader Profit allows clients from all countries of the world. Explore the Trader Profit Review to learn all the fact of this software.

trader profit


SnapCash binary options software is the best signal providing service in the recent market of binary options and also the best for the year 2016. This service software is CEO is Austin Ford. SnapCash’s brokers are regulated and safe. This software passed all the test of binary options with almost 100% score.

Download cost is free. With the higher accuracy of winning trades, SnapCash becomes one of the top listed product of the binary options market. For detail information visit Legit Binary Review’s SnapCash Review.


NEO2 (NEO Square)

NEO2 signal software is one of the best signal provider service software which is recommended by most of the reviewers and testers even by The Washington Post. It’s a legit and very powerful binary options software with advanced signal proving the system.

Our rating is 8.7 out of 10 for this software which is considered as high winning rate. NEO2 binary options software is developed by Dr. Jack Piers and a free demo version is available for the traders to test the service of NEO2 software. Explore NEO2 Review by Legit Binary Review.


Copy Buffett

Copy Buffett is one of the top service providers in the binary options industry which programmed by Jeremy Fin. With the winning accuracy of over 85% (85% is count as the high winning rate in binary options market) this software provides the service and it fully automated.

Copy Buffett provides over 500 fully automated signals daily which is a record-breaking volume of the binary options trade. This software is tested fully by many major reviewers. To know more information about Copy Buffet you have to visit Legit Binary Review’s Copy Buffett Review.

copy buffett


BinaBot is an innovative auto trader which programmed by Troy Everett. After testing this service on autopilot we get the result as up to 92% winning rates. BinaBot is available in any country of the world. The Interesting fact is that the minimum trade amount is only $5.

So this signal provider allows you to trade with a very minimum invest. For this reason, this software is suitable for all type of traders. For more information visit Legit Binary Review’s BinaBot Review.


Code Fibo

Code Fibo software is another highly recommended software. Which is programmed by the Professor Matthew Louise. This software is consistent and profitable with the functions of semi-automated and fully automated. On a good day, this software winning accuracy rate is as high as 90% with the newly developed  components and features.

On Fibonacci strategies, this system is based, with an interface which is web-based it combines the technical analysis and synced with the high quality reputed brokers. Visit Legit Binary Review’s Code Fibo Review for more information.

code fibo

Mike’s Auto Trader

Mike’s Auto Trader is also a top listed trading signals software in binary options marketplace. Our another recommended binary options signal service provider. Mike’s Auto trader is in the market for a long time and last updated in this year.

If you are a member of this service provider then you can join Mike’s Facebook Signals Group on facebook with a free access and there is no additional fees or registrations. For detail information of Mike’s Auto Trader visit Legit Binary Review’s Mike’s Auto Trader Review.

mikes auto trader


For 40 days VirtNext was tested on automated function and after that test, we decide that VirtNext binary options signal software is highly profitable with the higher accuracy. After seeing the consistent result many major reviewers also announced VirtNext software as a recommended one.

You also can take a test of VirtNext and you will be grateful to you to have this great signal system software. Believe it, VirtNext is a very powerful system. Visit VirtNext Review by Legit Binary Review.


Millionaire Blueprint

Millionaire Blueprint is another great signal providing software of our list. This software is developed by Walter Green and his team who are very experienced in the field of binary options. Millionaire Blueprint holds it’s position in the top 10 list of binary option top software products for over last few years.

Traders rely on this software for the strong and legit signal providing system of this software and our rating is 8.9 out of 10 (highly considerable). Free trail is available for traders who wants test this system. Visit Legit Binary Review’s Millionaire Blueprint Review for details.

millionaire blueprint


WikiTrader binary options signal proving software is the another addition in out recommended list. Kelly Wallace is the CEO of WikiTrader trading system and this software is developed by a skilled professional team of binary options. WikiTrader is one of the best-selling software in the trading market since it launches in the market.

This software gives the legit trading signal on the consistent basis and for this reason is it popular. WikiTrader has automated feature with manual option and trades winning accuracy is 90%. Know the all detail information about WikiTrader from the WikiTrader Review of Legit Binary Review.


Swarm Intelligence

Among the few good binary options trading software Swarm Intelligence is one of them. Swarm Intelligence CEO is Dr. Steven Francis who is a very highly educated person with a genius brain and the main programmer is Thomas Porter who has about 30 years experience in programming and also an IBM retired scientist. They are the main brains behind this trading system.

Wins the trust of most of the major review sites and reviewers as well as of the investors. Swarm Intelligence trade winning rate is 86%. Collect information as a team, analyze them and make the decision together and depending on these step provides the winning signal is the working process of this software. you should better visit the Legit Binary Review’s Swarm Intelligence Review for all necessary information.

swarm intelligence

Cash Camp

Cash Camp binary options signal providing trading software earned a place in our recommended binary options signal list with the consistency of signal providing and very high accuracy rate which is 97%. Isn’t that amazing? Of course, this accurate rate is eye graving. Michael Solovsky is the CEO of Cash Camp software. One of the most impressive fact of that trading software is that it takes all types of traders almost from all countries of the world.

So it’s clear that Cash Camp is giving the traders the opportunity for trading who are restricted by their country rules for trading binary options. Cash Camp is full function automated, the manual operating feature available. From the Cash Camp Review of Legit Binary Review, you can learn all the details about this trading system software.

cash camp

Lexington Code

Lexington Code is another addition to our recommended binary options software list which also becomes famous and popular among the traders and investors of the binary options market. Lexington Code binary options trading software was developed by Michael Lexington who authorized this software from the proper authorization of this industry.

Sign up cost and product price is totally free and the trades winning rate is 95%. Lexington Code is completely legit with higher trust value and good reputation, this software system is tested fully by our team and it passed all the tests. You can rely on this trading system for your trading business and if you want to know more about Lexington Code then please visit Lexington Code Review of Legit Binary Review.

lexington code

Citidel Ltd

Citidel Ltd is one of the oldest legit Autotrader software in the binary options market. The CEO of this product is Dr. Grifly, sign up cost is totally free of charge and they have hidden charges, trade winning rate is 90%. This trading software passed a long way in the binary options industry with the trust of traders and related individuals of this sector.

Legit Binary Review team tested this trading software, we found it legal and legit. You should explore the Citidel Ltd Review of Legit Binary Review team to know all the details about this auto trading software.

citidel ltd

Penny Millionaire

Penny Millionaire, one of the latest trending binary options trading signal software of the market with become popular among the traders with its impressive result and trustworthy signals. Devid Forrster is the CEO Penny Millionaire software and the winning accuracy of this product is 88%.

This product is totally free for the traders because there is no charge for sign up or any kind of downloads, but you have to deposit $250 if you want to trade binary options. Legit Binary Review place this software in this list after testing and become sure that this product is legit, you can visit the Penny Millionaire Review to know the details of our test.

penny milionaire

Option Bot 3.0

Option Bot 3.0 is another old piece of legit automated binary options trading software which also passed a long time in this market. Option Bot 3.0 is the latest version of this software before that they have two more version which was Option Bot 1.0 and Option Bot 2.0. It is possible that they will release more updated version in future to cope up with the changing market condition.

There are no sign-up costs and for trading, you have to invest $250, it’s not their charge, it’s your investment. The trade win rate of this software is 92% which is considerably very high. If you want to explore the full review of this software then you should visit the Option Bot 3.0 Review of Legit Binary Review.

option bot