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IQ Option broker is one of the most reliable binary options brokers in the market and Legit Binary Options Review team published IQ Option Review with all the necessary details before. IQ Option Review, IQ Option Pros and Cons, IQ Option Awards, Is IQ Option Regulated, IQ Option License, Is IQ Option broker a scam broker or a legit broker, IQ Option login or IQ Option Sign up, IQ Option customer service all these information you already found from our previous IQ Option Review: Most Detail Review.

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Today we are here with the IQ Option Trading Tips and IQ Option Learning tools so that you can fully understand what method you can use in this trading platform. We always say to the binary options traders that, binary options is an online trading system, you must have the ability to invest and the face the casualty when you fail a trade. Mentally prepare yourself before start binary options trading.

Here starts the main part:

IQ Option Trading Tips

A good technique is the key to trading business and to be successful you must have to apply trading tips. Set up a method is not much difficult in the IQ Option and with the help of an educational tool, resources, and personal manager or support team you can customize your technique. In this platform, you will find all the features and tools from your dashboard. The visual of the dashboard is smooth to navigate. With the technical analysis of the market, you will see the trends.

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A huge range of topics is covered by the educational resources here. All of the resources will help you to be a better trader and with the videos, webinars, tutorials, videos, personal managers and support team they will help you to develop a good method. Here is the few trading tips example for you.

The trading tips of IQ Option what you can learn from them

These tips will help you for the best use of your time. You should know about few basic tools of IQ Option before exploring the techniques.

  • Japanese Candlesticks Chart: If you see a chart which shows the movements of asset’s prices time to time, that is the most probably the Japanese Candlesticks Chart. Over a day from time to time this chart shows the price movements. This chart is so useful if you can learn how to read this chart. Both prices opening and closing you will get here. You will see a green candle if the assets prices increase and will see a red candle if the assets prices fall. The glance of assets prices how far changed and the direction you can see also. If the price change is bigger the candle will be bigger in this chart.

  • Trend Lines: You will see two lines in a chart, one in above the assets prices and one is below of the prices. This two line is known as the trending corridor. Mainly when the prices of assets fluctuate this two line shows the upper and lower price of the assets. When the assets price touches the upper line it will fall then, suggests the trends. The bottom line is known as the support line and as the resistance level, the upper line is known.

Understand these tools well and try to practice yourself. These will make you an even better trader than before.

Let’s take a deep look at the trading tips of IQ Option.

  1. Three Black Crows

This method is looking for the reversals of the trends. For applying this method you have to find an asset which has many candlesticks in a row and in only one direction showing all the movements of the price. The direction can up or down. After that, for the reverse, you must have to wait. This will happen when you will see that in a row three price falling candlesticks. For the trend reversing this, the indicator and you will get a signal which you can use for placing your trade.

  1. Rebound Line

The assets price trend is not relevant in this method. Instead of that, you have to observe the trend lines what we described before. Find out a closing price which is just below the upper line or the resistance level or which is just above the lower line or the support level.

When the price of the asset moves from the line then you should break the trend by going through it. Moreover, if the asset price is close enough to the resistance level you can PUT a trade by using this as a signal and also place can place a CALL trader if the asset price is close enough to the support level.

  1. Rainbow

This method is complicated than the others. You should apply all the other techniques what we describe here before going through this method. By the use of exponential averages, this method is work. With the different periods, this method has three of them. What asset you want to trade on this chart with a period of 6 you have to mark the first line in blue. Which has the period of 14 as the second line mark in yellow and which has the period of 26 as the third line mark in red.

binary option trading with iq option


Then you have to identify the assets price drop, so observe carefully:

  • Below the blue line, the yellow line is moving
  • From the other two lines, the blue line going top
  • At the bottom is the red line

When blue and yellow these two lines intersect each other this is the best time for the traders to place a PUT trade or a binary options trade.


To identify a potential rise in price, look out for:

You also have to find out assets potential rise and for that also observe carefully:

  • Red line is on the top and below that respectively is the yellow line and the blue line
  • The red line stays on the top of another two lines
  • At the bottom, the blue line stays

When yellow and blue these two lines intersect among themselves that is the best time to place a CALL trade or a binary options trade.

  1. Piercing Line Candlestick Pattern

On the chart, you have to look very carefully to involve with this method. And in this method also you have to find out the reversals of the trends. Find out the two candlesticks where in the middle the second closes to the first one and that’s the way to find out an upward trend which is going to reverse. In the row, the third candlestick which follows immediately would be ascending.

If price increases also show by a fourth candlestick then perhaps imminent a trend reversal. For spotting the downward trends you can use this method from the opposite direction. All these price reversals are the potential signals for trading which you can use to place your trades.

  1. Pin Bar

Regarding applying the technique the Pin Bar method is one of the complex method using in the market. This method is mainly used by the experienced traders who already an expert to use all the other methods. Therefore this method is effective, so you should apply this method when you are experienced enough for this.

Trading assets upward and downward trend prediction is the basic principle of this method. You have to do it by the assets pin bar candlestick chart analysis, in other words with the tails the pin bar candlesticks.

This specific type of candlestick has a long tail with a small body and you have to find it out. The price of the assets will move which ways this tail indicate that by its direction as well as it also shows the way of market moving. This is the signal which you can use for executing your trades.

With tails, all the pin bar candlesticks are not same nor all are useful for the trading. You have to ensure that you find out the right pin bar candlesticks to get accurate signals and for that a few addition facts you should consider:

  • The open and close value ought to be very close to the previous bar
  • The opening and closing value ought to be close to top or bottom
  • The opening and closing price should be in the left bars for the right pin bar candlestick

When all these conditions are well together those signals are considered as very strong. And that type of strong signals you should use for your trading.

Whether the assets price is moving to up or down then you need to find out that so you can execute a successful trade. If points up the pin bar candlestick tail, in most of the cases the assets prices go down as well as reverse also happens there. If the pin bar candlestick points down with it tail then in most cases the assets price goes up.

  1. Moving Averages

By developing the moving averages indicators you have to generate accurate signals for this method. By the IQ Option technical analysis tools, you can do that. This trading method is very popular among the traders, this method is used mostly. In the same process traders are not use this always. By this method exponential type of moving averages, skilled trades can deploy successfully. Tough this method is smooth, we have seen that mainly the experienced traders using this method who have the experience of using other methods available in the market.

There are four options in this method which are – smooth, exponential, weight-age and smooth. Considering the calculation exponential is the easiest technique, and also gives you the accurate signals than others. They make it a method which is achievable and ideal for the options trading.

It has been said that for the new traders the moving average of exponential are not so exclusive and to increase the winning ratio with larger margins in the complex method this has been used, with the feature if breaking line to increase the draw and in the corridor the rebound line.

  1. Alligator

This method is elementary for placing trades successfully which is made by the IQ Option. This is one the method which uses the moving averages, but only with the smooth moving averages, this method works. Theoretically, with the exponential, it is possible to make this method work and as well as the smooth moving averages. But for smooth moving averages only the platform of IQ Option customized. By the market’s insignificant fluctuations these moving averages are unaffected largely and that is the reason IQ Option optimize that for customers use. This method gives the traders potential signals what is sufficient enough to place a trade for winning.

iq option alligator strategy


Within a significant period of time, you will see the different types of moves of trading assets by monitoring smooth moving average. You will see lines what will show you the asset price which is most likely reach in that certain period of time. This can be affected by the financial market and by the asset shocks. But it does not happen so often and that is the reason of this method’s accuracy.

This method is also called as the Alligator method and the reason is when it is the perfect time to execute a trade the candlesticks of this method looks like the alligator teeth. Traders should trade a CALL trade if this opens on upward and should trade a PUT trade when the candlesticks open in down.

You should not trade in the market if in another way the candlesticks shows. Because then it is pretty much difficult to predict the price movement, you are not able to know than that which trade CALL or PUT you should place.

  1. Breaking Line

Among the IQ Option trading tips, one of the easiest one is the Breaking Line method which is pretty smooth to understand. As we mentioned before, on the assets resistance line and support line this method depends. For a trading asset, these lines show the upper and lower values. If you see that these lines are broken during the monitor, it means that in the market something else is going on with the normal fluctuations of the asset price. Therefore it can be a signal for the binary options trading to execute.

In other words, with the directions should go your options trade. It means that above the resistance line if the candlesticks close you should place a CALL Trade and below the support line if the candlesticks close you should place a PUT trade. If the resistance line breaches by the asset the price of the asset moving up continuously and if into the support line it goes the price of the asset moving down continuously.

Regardless how the overall assets price is trending the Breaking Line method can be used there.

  1. Bollinger Bands

The use of this method is very common among the traders. To generate a signal this method consider the trading volumes of an asset and the price of this particular asset moves on which way. There is a chart in IQ Option which shows 3 bands or lines. The smooth moving average is the middle line which may have 20 candlesticks.

On the placing trades, the volume of an asset depends the lines will be narrow or wide. The bands or line widen when a particular asset trades heavily in the market and when the lines or bands are narrow it means of trading of this asset is light in the market. You should wait and find out a widening line or band, that’s a signal and you can place your trade then.

Now you might understand that IQ Option gives you different types of trading tips to place your trading. IQ Option is so much popular in this days and these trading tips are the reasons among many other reasons. To place an achievable trade IQ Option gives you all necessary tools, accurate signals, and trading tips. There are also available many tools for analysis. These analytic tools will help you to build up a better method for your trading business and by all these things you can be one of the most successful traders of the market.

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What’s about the learning tools of IQ Option?

Learning Tools of IQ Option

We mentioned several times in other IQ Option reviews that IQ Option is one of the best innovative brokers we have ever seen in the market. There might be a question, how do you know that this is true? Let’s have a deep look and keep in count that they providing demo account for the traders for learning and practicing trades. This is one type of tool by which you will go through the trading process and into the market analysis, and robot figures out the signals from that analysis to put them into the learning tools list.

The traders who trade with IQ Option they get demo account which helps them to learn to operate this platform and they also learn the important facts of options trading. This is helpful for the traders before they start trading with real cash. Traders get a total tutorial by the demo account which helps them to develop their trading skills. A trading educational webinar also includes in this demo account of IQ option.

If you want to be a successful trader you should not stop learning from this demo account. IQ Option offers traders interactive learning and in this case, they are one of the first who provides this service. This is another effective way to make the success mark in this trading industry. This broker is willing to make educated traders for the success of options trading.

In IQ Option has more learning tools for the traders like useful eBook, tutorials, videos with instructions and webinars. This broker helping the traders of any level to increase their success rate by these learning tools. Experienced traders, you will find all useful tools and features in IQ Option.

The final word of this review:

Conclusion IQ Option Trading Tips

We believe that from that IQ Option trading methods and learning tools review you can learn about very important trading methods and learning tools of binary options trading. These trading techniques and tools will help you to set up a proper trading method for you by which you can achieve your trading success. It is pretty much clear that IQ Option will give you a huge array of trading tools and you can apply an effective method what suits you better. Don’t waste your valuable able time because time is cash, join IQ Option right now.


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